C. J. has been performing her incredible “Tribute To Patsy Cline” to sell out audiences not only in Florida but across the country as well.  Her travels have taken her as far west as Nevada and as far north as Minnesota.   


“I discovered that people everywhere love Patsy Cline.  Folks would come up to me and say they didn’t necessarily like country but have always loved Patsy.  I’m so delighted that I can bring back some beautiful memories for those who remember Patsy and introduce her songs to the ones who’ve only just started to become a fan. It’s almost as if Patsy chose me.  I feel a kinship with her.  She grabbed hold of life, and enjoyed it.  She loved what she was doing, and so do I." 


When C.J. struts on stage wearing costumes she has made based on what Patsy Cline wore, with her blond hair tucked under a brown wig, and sings with that rich voice you would think that Cline were still alive. (Bob Hite - WGUL 106.3 - Florida)